Imunobor Uro

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Especially for urinary tract infections 


It contains two mutually complementary ingredients connected to 

the immunity and urinary tract infections. Each capsule contains 

300mg standardized extracts of Beta Glucan and 300mg Cranberry. 


Сгаnbеггу prevents bacteria adhering to the mucosa of the urinary 

tract and excretes in the urine  ingredients suppressing bacterial 

growth. It has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. 

Beta Glucan binds to the specific receptors of the immune cells and 

increases their ability to kill microorganisms; it has a direct antimicrobial effect on several microorganisms; increases the local 

immune protection of urinary tract mucosa; has an antiinflammatory effect. It also has a synergic effect with some 

antibiotics and reduces the need of antibiotic treatment. 


Imunobor Uro has favorable effect in: 

ƒ Acute and chronic infection of the urinary tract infections – 

urethritis, cystitis, pyelonephritis and others 

ƒ Bacterial carrier state 

ƒ Kidney stones 

ƒ During and after antibiotic therapy. 


1 capsule 3 times daily during the first 10 days, after that 1-2 

capsules daily as maintaining therapy. Imunobor Uro should be 

taken at least for 3 to 6 months. 

Safety Issues  

Imunobor Uro is a natural product and is practically safe. No 

undesirable effects have been observed. No contraindications. 


Imunobor Uro demonstrates positive interaction with several 

antibiotics and increases their effectiveness if applied together. 

The product has been manufactured in the USA in compliance with 

the highest Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. 


 is a trade-mark. Imunobor is a food supplement. Store 

at a temperature below 30º С, do not leave reach of children 

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