Troxevasin gel



Troxevasin gel 100 g.

Troxevasin gel is for external use, with the active substance troxerutin – widely used in varicose veins, pain and swelling of the extremities, as well as in chronic venous insufficiency. Troxerutin strengthens and strengthens the walls of blood vessels (capillaries). Troxevasin 2% gel is used in cases of fatigue, heaviness, swelling, pain and stiffness, tingling in the legs, pain after sclerotherapy or prolonged travel. It has a great relieving effect in cases of pain and swelling resulting from injuries such as sprains or muscle injuries.

How to use:

Apply externally – on the skin, twice a day. The gel is rubbed in with light, massaging movements until completely absorbed. If necessary, it can also be applied under a tight or elastic bandage.

Additional information

Weight 45 kg