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INJECTABLES @ HOME is inspired by cosmetic dermatologists. In Beauty Clinic Bergman we remove wrinkles with hyaluronic acid injections and Botox ®. With INJECTABLES @ HOME we created a modern product that fills the small wrinkles and wrinkles at home, keeps skin in perfect shape, making it soft as silk and giving matt hue.
After intensive research, medical specialists Clinics Bergman created a new exclusive formula. Injectables @ Home immediately smooth wrinkles without injections of filler in the skin and in skin application to quickly fill action. The aggregate formula contains cocktail of ingredients including hyaluronic acid (a natural filler), Ameliox (muscle relaxing agent) and beta glucan, which re-activates the immune system of our skin and stimulates cell renewal. INJECTABLES @ HOMEotpuska connective tissue, which slows down the formation and deepening of wrinkles.

• Intensive Serum filling quickly softening wrinkles action and instant visual results.
• Aid connective tissue softens expression lines and rejuvenates the skin.