Islamax Syrup x250ml

Islamax Syrup contains extracts from Iceland lichen, horsetail extract, thyme and anise seeds. They have been used traditionally for their mucus expelling properties and to support the well-being of respiratory tracks and the lung’s mucous membrane.

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Islamax Syrup x250ml is a delicious herbal honey syrup. Its ingredients have been known since ancient times for their beneficial effects on the respiratory tract and the condition of the lining of the lungs. Honey complements the effect of herbal extracts, as it contains many basic organic compounds, enzymes, minerals and vitamins. Traditionally, Iceland lichen is used to improve appetite.


Ingredients: Iceland lichen extract (Lichen islandicus), thyme extract (Thymi herba), horsetail extract (Equiseti herba), anise seed extract (Anisi fructus), honey

Composition in the daily dose of 45 ml:

dried Iceland lichen – 360mg

dried thyme – 135mg

dried horsetail – 90mg

anise / seeds / – 45mg

honey – 12.3 g

Islamax Syrup x250ml Dosage:
One full tablespoon (15ml) three times a day – for adults.


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