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LaxaL x30caps is a high quality product composed of the fine shells of psyllium seeds – a soft and harmless laxative (laxative). Laxal regulates the motility of the intestines, takes care of their health and supports regular and painless bowel movements. Laxal helps with both temporary and chronic constipation.


Organic Psyllium – 500 mg

LaxaL x30caps Dosage:

For adults: two Laxal capsules twice a day or four Laxal capsules once a day.

The product can be taken by persons over 7 years of age.

The product can also be used by persons under the specified age after consultation with a specialist.

Method of administration: on an empty stomach, with a large glass of water.

Intake of water during intake is mandatory to have a positive effect, as psyllium fibers themselves need water to swell in the intestines and create a thick gel.

Duration of administration: can be taken without interruption.

Prevention: one tablet two or three times a day, just before meals.

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