Laxilin Syrup 100ml

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Laxilin Syrup 100ml

Laxilin has laxative medicinal plants, available in two forms – capsules and syrups.

In capsules containing purified extracts of buckthorn, common toad-flax, linseed and mint. The syrup contains the same extracts without flaxseed.

Both forms of Laxilin been created thanks to many years of experience in the Bulgarian herbalists, healers and scientists. The product is an alternative to laxatives that contain senna. In recent years the Senate has been studied by many authors and concludes that it is not recommended long priemane.Uchenite found that the glycosides isolated from the Senate, called sennozidi have genotoxic and mutagenic effects on the lining of the colon, which increases the risk of developing cancer. In addition, metabolites of sennozidite absorbed and fall in the blood and lymph. Significant honor of them accumulate in the kidneys and the risk of malignancy in the urinary tract is increased several times.

These scientific facts can not but worry.

In Laxilin absent toxic and mutagenic effects. Can be used safely for a long time. The product is refined and standardized.

Laxilin is a safe alternative to combat chronic constipation.

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