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LIERAC Double Nettoyant Foaming Cream


LIERAC Double Nettoyant Foaming Cream

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LIERAC Double Nettoyant Foaming Cream x 150ml

Lierac Double Nettoyant Foaming Cream is a gentle, double-cleansing cleansing cream that cleanses the face and eyes, removing makeup and dirt and smoothing the skin. The innovative product is created by the aesthetic technique of ionic cleaning. This technique cleanses the surface of the skin from external dirt, such as dust and makeup, and removes excess sebum and dead cells in depth. The powerful product formula contains micromanitary cleaner, enzyme micro-exfoliator, water lily extract, hyaluronic acid and lactic acid. The micromanitary cleaner captures and dissolves surface and deep impurities. The enzyme micro-exfoliator removes dead cells and the water lily extract has a powerful protective effect. Hyaluronic acid and lactic acid are added to the composition of the product and have anti-aging properties. The awesome creamy texture of the product turns into foam to deliver a double cleansing effect to the skin. Lierac Cream Foam is a fresh and feminine scent combining jasmine, lotus color and white gardenia. After use, the skin is clean and smooth, and the tan is even and radiant.

Apply the product on dry skin with light massage movements. Dampen gently with water with your fingertips, massage again and rinse thoroughly in water.

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