Lumene Midsummer Glow Self-tan drops 30ml. A unique tanner that combines ease of use and effective action. Give yourself the perfect tan with one hand movement!



Lumene Midsummer Glow Self-tan drops 30ml

Lumene [Valo] NORDIC-CSELF-TAN DROPS Auto-Bronze Drops for Gradual Acquisition

One remedy. Three drops. 365 days perfect tan!

A unique tanner that combines ease of use and effective action. Give yourself the perfect tan with one hand movement!

Concentrated self-bronzing drops for gradual tanning are mixed with a non-factor moisturizing face cream and applied evenly to the face, neck and décolleté. Depending on the number of drops you use, you acquire a tan gradually and control its intensity yourself.

The drops provide a natural-looking and even complexion. They do not stain in certain areas, do not leave darker stripes, do not smudge clothes and have no orange color.

Autobronzant drops are a completely natural product (96% natural content). The formula is enriched with naturally extracted dihydroxyacetone – a key active ingredient in auto bronzes – extracted from sugar beet or cane. Skin darkening is the result of a non-toxic chemical reaction between dihydroxyacetone and amino acids. The composition also contains Vitamin C, wild Arctic blackberry, pure Arctic thermal water, caramel, sunflower oil and rosemary extract.

The natural formula moisturizes the face, neck and décolletage and gives them a healthy, sun-kissed glow. It does not leave the typical unpleasant aroma after applying the bronze.

Lumene Midsummer Glow Self-tan drops 30ml usage:
Mix 1 to 3 drops with moisturizing face cream and apply evenly on cleansed face, neck and décolleté. Mix the drops with the usual amount of cream you apply in your daily care. If you use more than 3 drops you will increase the intensity of the complexion. The effect after one application lasts 1 week.

CAUTION: DO NOT USE THE DROPS INDEPENDENTLY WITHOUT MIXING THE CREAM. After the procedure, immediately wash your hands thoroughly. The product is not sunscreen!

Tip from https://natural-herbs-market.com/

For optimal results, exfoliate your skin before applying self-bronzing drops.
Mix the drops with “Vitamin C Day Cream for Lumene [Valo] Luster and Shine”.
Do not use factor cream when mixing the drops.
Clinically tested product!

Packaging: 30 ml.



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