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This product is combined multivitamin, mineral and plant carotenoid supplement.

Pharmacological effect of the product is due to its composition.

Ascorbic acid regulates capillary permeability and plays an important role for preserving capillary elasticity, stimulates blood circulation in eyes and decreases intraocular pressure. This vitamin regulates oxidation processes in the organism and has strong antioxidation properties, prevents eye tissue damages due to free radicals. Moreover it has antimicrobial properties and promotes injuries healing. It has a wholesome effect on the organism and increases its adaption abilities, infection resistance and undesirable health influences.

Lutexina is recommended for complex improving in the following conditions:

- eyestrain from prolonged reading, working with personal computers, wearing contact lenses; prolonged driving, influence of bright colors (visual fatigue syndrome);

- night blindness

- period of recovery after ophthalmological surgery;

- peripheral and central retinal atrophy;

- primary glaucoma;

- treatment and prevention of cataract;

- changes in the retina due to aging, degenerative processes, refraction abnormalities;

- myopia, disturbance in accommodating control, “eyestrain syndrome”, inflammatory process in the retina;         

- treatment of retinopathy in patients with diabetes and/or hypertension diseases;

- xerophthalmia;

- keratomalacia;

- prevention of complications of wearing contact lenses.

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