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Relief at the time of climacterium

brings relief for problems during the climacterium.

helps to ease waves of hot flushes, sweating and dizziness.

contributes to mental relief – positively influencing sleep disorders, concentration, irritability, nervousness, fatigue and anxiety.

helps to keep breasts healthy.

has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and bone mass.

Mabelle® is a non-hormonal preparation with a natural base, designed especially for women with regard to their needs in the period of climacterium. Mabelle® helps maintain the hormonal balance in the woman’s body and also positively influences the quality of her life.

What is climacterium?

This is a natural phenomenon in the life of every woman, which occurs between the age of 42 and 55. In this period, there is a slow reduction in the cyclical hormonal activity of the ovaries, which stops producing female progestational hormones – oestrogen and gestagen. The woman also has her final menstruation – the menopause. As a result of the drop in the level of oestrogen, the climacterium is often associated with unpleasant problems from pre-menopause (the period just before when the menopause starts), when there are often menstrual disorders and so-called neuro-vegetative problems such as hot flushes, sweating, dizziness, quickened heart beat, fainting, dry skin and epithelia. There is also a gradual mental change – a change in the manner of thinking, memory disorders, changes in sexual behaviour, depression.

How does Mabelle® work?

Mabelle® contains a combination of extracts from two plants, common flax and red clover. These extracts contain two types of phyto-oestrogen – lignins and isoflavones, which help to substitute the natural functions of oestrogen. Both active elements in the preparation positively influence sleep disorders, heightened fatigue and dizziness. They help to ease the waves of hot flushes, sweating, irritability and bad moods. Isoflavones from red clover has a great effect on the cardiovascular system and bone mass strength. Moreover, lignins from flax help towards the health of breast tissue.

Using Mabelle does not make you put on weight and is safe for long-term use. Due to its composition, which is of a natural base, it does not have any side effects. It does not contain any artificial flavouring, sweeteners or preservatives.


Common flax 62,50 mg Red clover 500,00 mg


1 – 2 tablets a day, take with liquid

Recommended to be taken over a long period of time with regular gynaecological checks every 6 months.




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