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Martians Gummy.

For proper growth and development of bones of children.

Helps to support the vitality and overall good health condition of children.

Influences the proper growth and development of bones of children.

Supports normal physiological growth and immunity.

Martians Gummy are new well tasty gelatine Martians which contain the neccessary vitamins and minerals for proper physiological growth and development. Moreover they contain complex BoneActive which is created of two active substances – Calcium and Vitamin D – which are essential for proper growth and development of bones of the children. Martians Gummy are recomended mainly to all active or sporting chidren whose regular physical load have incresed requirements for intake of such a substances. Martians Gummy are available in four great fruit flavors – strawberry, orange, forrest fruit and lemon and contain natural dyes only.


60,00 mg Vitamin D3 2,50 mcg.

Vitamin K
12,50 mcg Vitamin B3 8,00 mg.

Vitamin B5
3,00 mg Vitamin B12 1,25 mcg.

Vitamin C
40,00 mg Vitamin E 6,00 mg.

Folic acid
100,00 mcg Biotin 25,00 mcg.

5,00 mg .


2 gummies daily.

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