Martians syrup

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Martians Immune Active Multivitamin Syrup For Kids x150 ml from Walmark.


Martians syrup

Multivitamin syrup for children with orange flavour

Has a beneficial effect on child’s immunity

Promotes vitality and general well-being

Supports the physiological growth and proper development

Is recommended during recovery and physical or mental fatigue

Martians syrup are a complex of all necessary vitamins and minerals which are crucial for the physiological growth and healthy development of the organism. Moreover they contains unique Imunactiv® complex that consists of four active ingredients Beta glucan, Bioflavonoids, Vitamin C and Zinc, which significantly enhance the proper function of immune system. Vitamins group B are necessary for general vitality and for proper function of metabolism. Vitamin A and iodine are important for normal vision, structure and function of the skin. Vitamin D supports absorption and utilisation of calcium for the structure of bones and teeth. Vitamin C serves as a protective antioxidant. Martians syrup are very favour to organism as they do not contain any dyes, sweeteners and allergenetic preparation as aleurone, nuts, eggs and soya beans. They have great orange taste and are suitable already from one year of age.



Beta glucan 10,00 mg Bioflavonoids 30,00 mg

Vitamin C 25,00 mg Zinc 4,00 mg

Vitamin A 120,00 mcg Vitamin B1 0,50 mg

Vitamin B2 0,80 mg Vitamin B3 9,00 mg

Vitamin B5 3,00 mg Vitamin B6 0,70 mg

Vitamin B12 0,70 mcg Vitamin D3 1,50 mcg

Vitamin E 5,00 mg Biotin 20,00 mcg

Folic acid 50,00 mcg Iodine 70,00 mcg

PABA 50,00 mcg Rosehips extract 5,00 mg

Lysine 10,00 mg


For children from 1 year old 5 ml of syrup once a day (5 ml = 1 tea spoon).

For children from 3 years and adults it is possible to increase the dosing up to 10 ml of syrup once a day.

For dosing you can use the inclosed calibrated spoon.


150 ml




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