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Multivitamin and multimineral for children with strawberry and orange flavours

positively influences the defence system of a child

helps to ensure the healthy development of tissues, in particular bones, teeth, hair and skin

helps to maintain the vitality and overall good health condition of a child

supports appetite

Martians is a complex of vitamins and minerals for children in the form of lozenge tablets – small Martians with strawberry and orange flavours. Each tablet contains all the necessary vitamins, minerals and other active substances in generally recommended amounts which are necessary for the physiological growth and development of a child. Moreover, it contains the unique complex of active ingredients Imunactiv® that supports natural function of immune system. Martians also contain Xylitol that adds a delicious cooling taste to the tablets and at the same time it helps to maintain tooth in good condition.

What is Imunactiv®?

Imunactiv® is a unique complex of active elements commonly developed for the protection of children against colds, bacterial and viral diseases and for the strengthening and stimulation of their immunity system.

Due to its composition, Imunactiv® stimulates in the human body important elements of the immune system – the so-called macrophages which are able to find and subsequently to destroy all substances which can lead to the cause of disease.

Imunactiv® contains:

Beta glucan is a patent substance of a natural character which is characterized by unique biological properties in affecting the immune system.

Zinc is important for the correct function of the immune system and helps in the struggle against infections. 

Vitamin C positively influences the protective capability of the human body and protects it against colds and other types of infection.

Bioflavonoids help by their presence to increase the efficiency of the other substances of the immune system.


Martians with Imunactiv® – strawberry flavour


Beta glucan 30,00 mg Bioflavonoids 50,00 mg

Vitamin C 80,00 mg Zinc 5,00 mg

Vitamin A 800,00 mcg Vitamin B1 1,10 mg

Vitamin B2 1,40 mg Vitamin B3 16,00 mg

Vitamin B5 6,00 mg Vitamin B6 1,40 mg

Vitamin B12 2,50 mcg Vitamin D3 5,00 mcg

Vitamin E 12,00 mg Biotin 50,00 mcg

Folic acid 200,00 mcg Iodine 150,00 mcg

Rosehips 10,00 mg L-lysine 20,00 mg


1 tablet daily, let dissolve in mouth.




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