Martians with Prebiotics – forestberry flavour

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Martians with Prebiotics – forestberry flavour

Multivitamin and multimineral for children with forestberry and strawberry flavours

Support the physiological development and growth of a child

Help to maintain vitality and good health in general

Have a positive impact on the tooth condition

Support good digestion and regulate defecation

Martians is a complex of vitamins and minerals for children in the form of lozenge tablets – small Martians with forestberry and strawberry flavour. Each tablet contains all the necessary vitamins, minerals and other active substances in generally recommended amounts which are necessary for the physiological growth and development of a child. In addition, Martians are enriched with Prebiotics (Inulin) which promotes healthy gut microflora and proper absorption of Calcium. Vitamins and minerals have a positive effect on the overall health and general vitality of a child. Martians also contain a sweetener Xylitol that helps to maintain tooth in good condition and at the same time it adds a delicious cooling taste to the tablets.

Martians with Prebiotics – forestberry flavour


Inulin 500,00 mg Vitamin A 200,00 mcg

Vitamin B1 0,30 mg Vitamin B2 0,40 mg

Vitamin B3 4,00 mg Vitamin B5 1,50 mg

Vitamin B6 1,00 mg Vitamin B12 1,00 mcg

Vitamin C 50,00 mg Vitamin D 5,00 mcg

Vitamin E 4,00 mg Folic acid 90,00 mcg

Biotin 22,50 mcg Iodine 70,00 mcg

Zinc 2,50 mg Iron 3,50 mg

Selenium 10,00 mcg


1 tablet a day after meal, let dissolve in mouth.




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