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burn excess weight and reduces appetite, metabolism support by helping to build protein instead of fat.

Asian centela - improves blood and venous blood circulation, removes otochnostta tissue and reduces stress increases appetite; act generally cheerful, but equilibrium. This is due to its balancing effect on the activities of two brain polukalba.k

Linavicheto-regulating hormone levels and increasing fertility (according to some studies - up to 50%). It also "rebuilding" the immune system - an important fact in today's dynamic social and therefore highly infectious environment.

Garcinia is dobreproucheno through modern research tool. The active ingredient Hydroxycitric acid helps to break down fat and reduces appetite especially for sweets. It also lowers blood cholesterol, and this is particularly important given the fact that cardiovascular problems in most countries (and stressed - at home) tend to "rejuvenate".

L-Taurine is an amino acid with constructive functions in the body that shifts metabolism towards building blocks of protein instead of fat but also reduces appetite, support heart and muscles, purifies bile and improves vision.

Vitamin B3 (nicotinamide or vitamin. PP), which is also added in Minifemin, improves cellular metabolism and energy production, particularly important for the nervous, circulatory and digestive systems as well as the health of skin and hair .
Use Directions:
1-3 capsules per day.

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Medicus Pharma

Medicus Pharma
Medicus Pharma
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