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Properties: Eye contour treatment in two phases: EYE 1 ACTIVE CREAM, containing germ oil, olive oil, soy bean oil, plus sage distillate. To be applied in the night for skin nourishing. EYE 2 ENERGY GEL, containing glycyrrethic acid, seaweed extract, marine collagen and marine elastin (from fish), mallow extract (anti-flammatory and calming). To be applied in the morning before make-up, as stimulating the local microcirculation thus improving the skin distension.

Skin Type: Suitable to all skin types, especially for wrinkled, dry and dehydrated skins.

Use: Eye 1: Apply in the night on the external eye contour

Eye 2: Apply in the morning on the external eye contour.

You can also mix Eye 1 with Eye 2 and apply it just in the morning or in the night, as you prefer.

Packaging: Eye 1 Active Gel tube 20 ml

Eye 2 Energy Gel vial 20 ml – cod 455 RETAIL

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