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Maximum Sexual Stimulant MSS 2 pcs. for Man.


Maximum Sexual Stimulant Description:

Maximum Sexual Stimulant (MSS) sex tablets made from herbal active ingredients provide an alternative solution without the negative side effects that are common to prescription sexual enhancement drugs. It is a convenient, non-prescription herbal Viagra option that is not only an erectile dysfunction treatment but also a romantic lifestyle enhancement product. Formulated from an ancient Chinese Royal formula made using modern technology and pharmaceutical grade nutraceuticals, MSS sex tablets promote healthy sexual function through increased blood flow to the genitalia and increased sexual libido. In fact, clinical data for MSS male sex tablets shows possible benefits for improving impotence and premature ejaculation, as well as acting as an erectile dysfunction treatment for men. In women, the clinical data on MSS female sex tablets indicates possible benefits for improving menopause symptoms MSS is manufactured by the Beijing Kowloon Pharmaceutical Company under strict and controlled conditions. The Beijing Kowloon Pharmaceutical Company is a modern new type high-technical factory located at the foot of the Great Wall, which is surrounded by the Great Wall and national forest park, featuring pure water and fresh air. The factory buildings occupy an area of 54,711.22 square meters. The workshop was designed and constructed strictly according to GMP standards and all equipment is of the highest standard in the country.

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