Nano Pure Rejuvenates the Skin

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Nano Pure 4,5g . Stimulates the formation of collagen, acting effectively as anti-aging. Prevents the formation of free radicals as it is the most powerful antioxidant. NANO PURE is the purest multi-active vitamin C powder. NANO PURE rejuvenates the skin permanently.

Active ingredient:

Pure Vitamin C in the form of encapsulated powder (Magnesium L-ascorbyl-2-phosphate). 

Due to the high absorption capacity of the active substance is extremely NANO PURE properties in skin care:


NANO PURE is a highly effective antioxidant – to scavenge free radicals, protects the skin against damage caused by sunlight and helps quicker recovery and better skin.

SUPPORT collagen synthesis:

skin elasticity is directly proportional to the number of collagen fibers. Their number decreases with increasing age, leading to stenšovaniu and loss of skin elasticity.

Thanks to significant absorption capacity of the active substance NANO PURE supports collagen synthesis and counteracts the loss of elasticity and premature skin aging.

Pigment spots cause the formation of melanin – dark pigment naturally. NANO PURE blocks the activity of tyrosinase in melanin synthesis, resulting in a reduction of his work. NANO PURE has a double effect – it reduces the already caused brown spots and prevents new ones.


Nano Pure is in the form of a powder that is applied to the face in the evening, with light massage movements. Conversion of powder into cream instantly, thanks to the warmth of the skin.

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