NICORETTE patch 15 mg

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One patch contains 23.62 mg of nicotine, which is released 15 mg of nicotine for 16 hours.

Nikoret invizipech used to treat tobacco dependence in smokers motivated to leave cigarettes and minimizes the need for cigarette ignition and reduces strain on smokers when they try to stop smoking.

For persons over age 18

Treatment with Nikoret Invizipech usually lasts 12 weeks. On the day of starting treatment, you should have stopped smoking completely, so that the last cigarette is the day before sticking the patch on the skin. Do not smoke during treatment. Treatment begins with a patch with a higher dose and then gradually move to patches with smaller amounts of nicotine. Smokers with high dependency /> 20 cigarettes a day / should start treatment with patches of 25 mg/16 hours, apply a patch for 8 weeks. Then you need to start phasing out the use of patches. You should apply one patch of 15 mg/16 hours every day for 2 weeks followed by one patch of 10 mg/16 hours daily for 2 weeks.


How to apply Nikor Indizipech:

The patch should be applied once daily to clean dry and undamaged area of ​​skin on the thigh, arm or chest. For transdermal use.

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