Novophane Energisant ACM x200ml

Novophane Energisant ACM Labortoire Dermatologique – shampoo against hair loss. Its combination of 6 vitamins with hair and scalp stimulating and fortifying properties, the NOVOPHANE energizing shampoo gently cleanses and stimulates fragile hair and scalp. It restores the hair’s volume, strength and vigour and can be used as often as required. Gentle and vitamin-rich, it is highly effective in support of an anti-hair loss treatment or in rotation with care shampoos, such as one of our anti-dandruff shampoos.

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Novophane Energisant ACM x200ml ACM Laboratory Dermatologique Novophane Energizing Shampoo from 200 ml. is an energizing anti-hair loss shampoo for hair, which gently cleanses the hair and scalp, helping to treat hair loss. The shampoo combines synergistic stimulation of 6 vitamins for the scalp. The product is used to treat hair loss of various origins (avitaminosis, childbirth, stress, etc.). After using the shampoo, the hair is soft, smooth and dazzlingly shiny. Enriched with a number of important vitamins for the hair, which strengthen the hair from root to tip and restore hair shine. They nourish the hair, restoring the shine and vitality of the hair. Vitamin PP / niacin / is a water-soluble vitamin, has an extremely important role as a complementary element in the fight against hair loss. With proven efficiency! It creates a gentle foam that is quickly absorbed and immediately begins its healing effect. Improves hair structure after only a few washes. For strong and shiny hair!


Vitamins B5, B6, E, PP, biotin, panthenol, sodium lauryl sulfate.

Novophane Energisant ACM x200ml Dosage:

How to use ACM Novophane Energizing hair shampoo against hair loss x200 ml.

A few drops of shampoo are applied by light rubbing on pre-wet hair. After a stay of 4-5 minutes, the hair is rinsed thoroughly. For faster effect it can be combined with Novofan lotion.

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The ACM Dermatology Laboratory and its teams have been developing dermo-cosmetic products for more than 20 years for prescription and advice in pharmacies. Our experience in skin and wraps, as well as our close cooperation with the world of dermatology, allow us to provide targeted and effective responses to restore healthy skin and healthy hair. • 12 specific range of dermatological care. The ACM Dermatology Laboratory is present in more than 90 countries. The laboratory has been advancing its research with experience for restoring thrivingly healthy hair and skin. ACM Sedacalm soothing shampoo is one of the many ACM products online which helps to rebalance your scalp health with its cooler and lighter formula providing you an instantaneous pleasurable, delightful, and soothing sensation and comfort with its freshness. Its revitalizing, creamy form and fragrance-free blend relieves and soothes an itchy and flaky scalp and leaves soft, smooth, shiny, and healthy hair with the first use. Peppermint extract in this shampoo helps with the dandruff problem as it has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Its formula is hypoallergenic and paraben-free. ACM Skin products rapidly relieve irritability and itching sensations after the very first application and the effect lasts long. Credit goes to the exemplary and unique composition soothing X-CALM complex. Its herbal and galenic form, enriched with emollients, repairs the stratum corneum (skin barrier), protects the skin and restores moisture. As a result, the hair turns out soft, easy to untangle and style, and the scalp is soothed. It can be used daily.
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