For healthy retina and good vision

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Ocolut Combi

For healthy retina and good vision

Food supplement

Combination of a high amount of purified natural eye pigments and antioxidants with a beneficial effect on vision.

What does Ocolut Kombi have?
Lutein – 10 mg
Zeaxanthin – 750 μg
Astaxanthin – 2 mg
Proanthocyanidin – 50 mg
When to take Ocolout Combi?
Symptoms of “tired” eyes
Computer eye syndrome
Difficult night vision
Oxidative stress

How does Ocolut Kombi work?
Supports vision and function of the retina, macula and lens of the eye
Helps blood supply to the retina and the brain
It acts favorably on the visual analyzer for aging and fatigue
Helps to maintain visual acuity
Helps adapt the eyes to darkness
Powerful eye antioxidant

How to Accept Ocolut Combi?
1 plant capsule daily after meals

What are the benefits of Ocolout Combi?
Scientifically developed product with maximum purity and high quality
Innovative form – VGcaps (plant capsules)
Does not contain artificial flavors and preservatives
100% natural product
It does not cause undesirable effects and is suitable for long-term use

How To Store Ocolut Estate?
In a dry, child-resistant place at temperatures below 25˚C.

Additional instructions:
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose
Do not use as a substitute for varied meals

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