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Ankerpharm Okuvit Lutein Forte



The effect of Okuvit ® Lutein forte is mainly based on the addition of lutein and zeaxanthin. They filter out blue light (high-energy light), bind free radicals and reduce oxidative stress that is partially responsible for the aging process in the macula. Lutein and zeanksantina act as internal sunglasses, which protect the macula from damage.

Tay by people with macular degeneration have increased need for vitamin C and E and trace elements zinc, the product contains these basic ingredients of fundamental importance and thus provide optimum satisfaction of needs. These substances are important components of the defense system of the retina.

Okuvit ® Lutein forte is in accordance with established medical standards and is a vital supplement for people with AMD.

To avoid damage to your eyesight in old age, early and continued acceptance of the age of 50 onwards.

Okuvit ® Lutein forte – just one tablet a day is sufficient for healthy vision forever!



The company offers natural products with controlled and guaranteed quality. The aim of the team is to continue to present innovative solutions on market and to develop its portfolio in order to meet the ever-increasing requirements of the customers while preserving the traditional quality. Our goal is to contribute to raising peoples' attention about avoiding health problems using natural extracts without side effects. Fortex Nutraceuticals has its own manufacturing and research base.

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