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Fortex Omega 3 - 90 caps.

Omega 3 is a nutritional supplement from Fortex containing 1000 mg of concentrated fish oil with essential non-unsaturated fatty acids, recommended to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, improve metabolism and brain activity, improve skin condition. Omega 3 promotes the activity of all systems and organs in the human body, has a mild lowering effect on high blood pressure, promotes heartbeat and helps normalize cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood. Omega 3 affects bones and joints very favorably, is also recommended for the prevention of mental and neurological disorders and reduces the risk of thrombosis.


It is beyond doubt and demonstrated in numerous clinical trials that intake of omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) leads to lower risk of cardiovascular disease by means of: 

¦ preventing arrhythmias that may lead to sudden cardiac death; 

¦ reducing the risk of thrombosis (clot formation), the cause of heart attack and stroke; 

¦ reducing amount of triglycerides in the blood; 

¦ affecting high blood pressure. 

OMEGA-3 fatty acids restore vital balance in our diet and have beneficial effects in prevention and treatment of mental and neurological disorders, in weight management, as supportive therapy of eye diseases, bones diseases, joints problems etc. 

OMEGA-3 FORTEX is a leader on the Bulgarian market because of its undeniable advantages over competing products: 

The greatest strength: 1000mg in one capsule.

The highest quantity: 90 capsules in one package.

Best Ingredients: salmon oil and vitamin E added as a powerful antioxidant. 

European origin: produced for Fortex in France.

Use Directions:

American Heart Association recommends a maximum daily dose 1 g / day EPA + DHA. With its recommended dose of 3 capsules per day taken with meals OMEGA-3 Fortex cover this recommendation. Can be taken by diabetics. Not recommended for people allergic to seafood.

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Weight 90 kg



The company offers natural products with controlled and guaranteed quality. The aim of the team is to continue to present innovative solutions on market and to develop its portfolio in order to meet the ever-increasing requirements of the customers while preserving the traditional quality. Our goal is to contribute to raising peoples' attention about avoiding health problems using natural extracts without side effects. Fortex Nutraceuticals has its own manufacturing and research base.
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