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Osteobor Forte


Osteobor Forte

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OSTEOBOR Forte 30 caps


For healthy bones

What is Osteobor forte? 

Osteobor Forte is a complete natural formulation for healthy bones.

What is unique in the choice of the ingredients?

Osteobor Forte is the first dietary supplement containing Ipriflavone 

and with clinical support that substantiates a significant increase in 

bone mineral density. In addition  to Ipriflavone it contains all the 

ingredients that have been found to be effective in promoting healthy 

bones - Calcium, Vitamin D3, Ascorbic Acid, Methylsulfonylmethane 

(MSM), L-Lysine, Equisetacea, Zinc, Magnesium and Pyrodoxin.  

What is the role of each ingredient?   

Ipriflavon is one of the few natural ingredients which may stop 

osteoporosis development, restore the bone density and 

mineralization. It suppresses bone  absorption without observation of 

side effects of hormone replacement therapy with estrogen. Osteobor 

forte contains a highly assimilable form of calcium. Vitamin D3

increases calcium absorption and leads to an increase of bones density 

and strength. Ascorbin acid is necessary for bone tissue synthesis for 

example collagen. Methylsulfonimetan (MSM) is important for collagen 

formation and for maintaining bones, joints, ligaments and tendons 

healthy. It relieves pain and reduces joints inflammation. L-Lysine is 

an essential amino-acid increasing the absorption and reducing 

calcium excretion. It helps collagen formation and tissues restoration. 

The extract of Equisetaceae contains great quantity of silicium which 

helps bone tissue restoration. Together with magnesium, zinc and 

piridoxin they are necessary for the proper calcium absorption.

How does Osteobor Forte work?

Osteobor Forte is a unique combination and the ingredients have 

complimentary effects. Together, they prevent bone loss, restore bone 

minerals and microstructure and increase bone density. In addition to 

that the product relieves pain and decreases joint inflammation. 

When  to use Osteobor forte?

Osteobor Forte may be applied in all types of osteoporosis – women in 

menopause (40-60), senile osteoporosis (men and women over 60) 

and in steroid-induced osteoporosis.

Every woman over 35-40 years of age needs Osteobor Forte.


How to take Osteobor forte?

1-2 capsule daily after meal.

How to store Osteobor forte?

Store at a temperature below 30º С, do not leave to reach of children.

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