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Enlarges the size of the lips. Hydrates and a lasting effect of swelling ▪ for every skin type
Full lips are a sign of beauty and youth. Our medical specialists created a special lip care that protects them from aggressive elements of everyday life and the environment. . Plump It Up @ Home is an innovative technology. Contains hyaluronic acid. Enlarges the volume of the lips, a strong and lasting effect of swelling. Outlines the oral contour deleted vertical liniiki makes juicy lips, giving a more youthful appearance.
The innovative formula contains many active ingredients, including hyaluronic acid particles, subject to technological progress to reduce and homogenize particle size, improving penetration and effectiveness. Other ingredients comprising the tripeptide-1, a well-known zalichitel of free radicals, which protects the lips from drying and cracking. Prevents loss of elastichenostta collagen and protects skin cells from photo damage.