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Proenzi thermotherapy patches are a natural source of heat, which has a direct warming effect and is active as a warm comfortable to proper temperature for hours. Suitable for use in patients with acute pain due to rheumatism. By heat, which separates, Proenzi * thermotherapy act to improve the function of joints, muscles and achieve muscle relaxation. Medical device contains a powder mixture, composed of iron participate. In contact with oxygen in the air started a process of rapid oxidation heat. Composition: iron, sodium polyacrylate, activated carbon, sodium chloride, sodium Trip lifosfat water.

Instructions for use: The patch is used on dry and clean skin. Do not be heated in a microwave oven. Carefully open the carton. Remove the patch, remove the protective outer film and stick to the affected area. Avoid use during sleep, not to cause burns. Be especially careful if you have sensitive skin.
Do not rinse with water. Do not cut or tear the patch. The product is not intended for oral use. If you accidentally inhale than that contained a powder mixture (the breakage or injury of the patch), do gargle with clean water and seek the advice of a doctor. Eye contact, do not rub. Rinse with running water and tell your doctor.