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ProShock Shape

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ProShock Shape Mesotherapy for body. Treatment of fibrous cellulitis in all its stages, lipodystrophy, localized fat accumulation. most powerful product with an outstanding formula.

ProShock Shape Mesotherapy for body from Promoitalia.

ProShock Shape is the most powerful product

with an outstanding formula containing plant growth enzymes and metabolic activators for degradation of fibrous cellulite that attacks the fibrous septa in subcutaneous tissue.
ProShock Shape quickly and effectively reduces and smooths the orange skin.
Body areas in which ProShock Shape can be used: inner and outer thighs, legs, knees, arms, stomach, buttocks and thighs.


ProShock Shape Details:

Frequency of treatment: the number of treatments depends on the stage of the cellulite.
Results are visible from the first sessions.
Composition: a sterile cosmetic solution for professional use. 5 10 ml vials that can be used for up to 10 sessions.
Storage: store the product at a temperature below 25°C.
Do not expose the product to direct sunlight.

Treatment of fibrous cellulitis in all its stages, lipodystrophy, localized fat accumulation.

Application and Use:
The number of procedures depends on the condition of cellulite in the problem areas of the patient. Recommended for one weekly procedure (total of 4 to 6 procedures). Maintenance therapy: two sessions a year.

Sodium chloride, disodium chloride, calcium chloride, sodium phosphate, sodium hydroxide, papaya extract, caffeine, rosemary extract, dimethyl palmitate, sodium dioxycholate, linolenic acid.



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