Purifying face mousse “NAT’AURA” 30+

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Purifying face mousse “NAT’AURA” 30+

Removal of surface impurities and makeup – this is the perfect opportunity to return to the skin its harmony, tranquility and lost balance. The mild, delicate formula enriched with natural emollients, moisturizers and mild cleansing ingredients performs simultaneously two functions – cleansing and tender care. The creamy texture of the foam is easy to rinse and turns washing the face into a truly refreshing pleasure. The skin is clean, with an incredible sensation of freshness and comfort.


Volume: 150ml.





PHYTOCELLTEC™ ALP ROSE /Alpine rose stem cells/ – by optimizing the potential of epidermal stem cells they improve the regeneration and the barrier function of the skin. Slow down the signs of aging – wrinkles, redness, loss of tone.


ORGANIC BORAGE SEED OIL** – stimulates regeneration and cell renewal of the epidermis. Helps skin regain elasticity. Has preventive anti-age effect by preventing the appearance of wrinkles.


SHIKAKAI EXTRACT* – natural Shikakai extract with neutral рН, having cleansing, refreshing and hydrating action. Contains foaming and cleaning agents – saponins and substances with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties – flavonoids.


NISARG SOAPNUT EXTRACT* – soapnut extract, effective natural alternative to the commonly used synthetic foaming agents – „SLES” and „SLS”. Particularly suitable in products for sensitive skin, where it helps avoid irritation and dryness of the skin due to synthetic alkaline foaming agents.


** ORGANIC INGREDIENT certified for use in natural and organic cosmetics


* NATURAL INGREDIENT approved for use in natural and organic cosmetics

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