Radiant Night Peel

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21-day treatment for “The perfect skin”. 85% efficiency after 15 days, measured on fresh and radiating complexion, finer pores, reduced pigmentation and smoother skin surface.
Also used by your specialist to accompany a medical peel.
Concentrated glycolic acid removes dead skin cells and starts the renewal of epidermis cells.
Hyaluronic acid ensures the optimal penetration into the epidermis of the glycolic acid molecules and is also highly moisturizing and protects against the acid.
Neutrazen ®, a bio-peptide, soothes the skin and softens skin reactions.
Tube of 40 ml.
Treatment Protocol:
Every morning on cleansed skin:
1. Advanced Filler Eyes Contour
2. advanced Filler
Every night after ontschminken:
1. Advanced Filler Eyes Contour
2. Radiant Night Peel
Apply 21 days, repeat 2 to 3 times a year and leave 3 months between treatments. Avoid treatment during the summer. Ideally, to be applied after the holidays, after prolonged exposure to the sun or at the end of winter to renew the complexion.

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