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Effervescent tablets for regeneration and protection of joints.

Renovax represents a new special approach to the solution of problems with joints: а special composition of substances – glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM, combined in effervescent tablets.

The clinically validated substances affect the two most common problems with joints: the degenerative processes (wearing of the articular cartilage) and the inflammations. Affecting these two problems Renovax helps the pain in the joint to be reduced.

The effervescent tablet helps the ingredients to be absorbed in the organism faster, more efficiently and without irritation of the stomach. With Renovax the relief could be noticed much faster. The product is sugar free, therefore suitable for diabetics.

* Glucosamine – 750 mg
* Chondroitin – 400 mg
* MSM – 150 mg
Use Directions:
2 tablet per day

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