RL Cosmetics Pack with Rooibos extract

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The RL cosmetics Pack contains:

1.Day cream 50ml

2.Night cream 50ml

3.Eye contour gel 25ml

4.Eye contour cream 25ml

5.Cleaning Face Tonic 200ml

6.Cleaning Face Milk 200ml

7. Body Lotion 200ml


With this Pack you will be able to take care of all your body, to moisturize, vitalize and it is also anti-aging.

The main biologically active component in the composition of the day cream hidroaktivniya – Rooibos contains 14 antioxidant, possesses antibacterial, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory properties. Contribute to the alleviation of eczema, rashes, wounds, sunburn, acne, itching, dryness and alregichni conditions.
Extract fine needle-like leaves of the plant Rooibos is rich in alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA), bioflavonoids and zinc, which help to maintain the water balance and the removal of dead epidermal cells, slowing aging and leaving the skin vibrant, supple and smooth. The cream also protects against the harmful effects of the environment, has a tonic and softening action.

The night cream is rich in vegetable oils, avocado, grape seed, wheat germ, jojoba, almond and apricot oil, is a prerequisite for nourishing and softening action of the cream.

The eye contour gel visibly reduces puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, hydrates the eye contour and directly treats fine lines, the skin is again smooth and elastic and it is light and quickly absorbed by the skin.

The composition of the eye contour cream includes natural oils of apricot and grape seed, give it a powerful regenerating and smoothing effect and helps to reduce dark circles and smooth fine wrinkles around the eyes.
The tonic and the cleaning milk help cleaning the skin and refreshing.

The light emulsion of the Body Lotion is immediately absorbed by the skin, quickly restores moisture balance and protects it from drying.Contributes to regeneration and soothe the skin after sun exposure or other adverse weather.