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RuskoVen Bio Gel


RuskoVen Bio Gel

It gives tone and elasticity of the skin, reducing the feeling of heavy legs.
Active ingredients:
The efficacy of the product is due to the functional synergy of freeze-dried extracts of the root of spiny butcher's broom and horse chestnut, hydroalcoholic extracts of leaves cents leaves of red vine (also occurs as a European wine-vine), mucilage of marsh mallow, which guarantee -high concentration of functional substances.
With high ruskogenin for improving the microcirculation.
Markova has a toning effect on the veins, increasing their strength and reduces the permeability of capillaries. Contained in the gel Irish moss - red algae with a natural gel-forming action, allows to avoid the usual gelling petroleum derivatives and to obtain a gel-forming invisible film that retains all day on the skin properties of the functional substances.
The formula is supplemented with essential oil of peppermint with a refreshing effect.

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Weight 100 kg



Aboca Aboca is an Italian brand dedicated to the production of natural products and nutritional supplements based on herbal ingredients. Aboka strives to create products that combine traditional values and scientific discoveries in the field of herbs and natural medicine. One of Aboca's key beliefs is that nature is an important source of health and harmony. Therefore, the brand uses only carefully selected herbs grown in an ecological way and combines them with modern production techniques to create products of high quality and efficiency. Aboca offers a variety of products including herbal teas, herbal extracts, oils, syrups, nutritional supplements and cosmetics. Each product is created with special care and attention to detail to ensure the best impact on health and well-being. As a company, Aboca stands out for its science and research. They are actively engaged in conducting scientific research and collaborating with universities and research institutes to expand knowledge in the field of herbs and natural medicine. In addition, Aboca also stands out for its environmental commitment. They grow their herbs in their own ecological agricultural gardens and actively care about environmental protection and sustainable development. With Aboca, you can be confident that you are getting high quality products that have been developed with your health and well-being in mind. Let's discover the power of nature together with Aboca and enjoy achieving optimal health.
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