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Ruvenor Varicose Veins


Ruvenor Varicose Veins

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Ruvenor Forte contributes to the good state of the veins, venous walls and capillaries. Has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the venous system. Supports the normal strengthening and toning of the veins and assists the feeling of light legs.

Ruvenor Forte is a unique combination of 4 ingredients - diosmin, horse chestnut, ruscus extract and rutin - for strong vein support.

It supports the natural mechanism of protection against degradation of elastin and collagen, which are an important structural element with a certain concentration in the normal venous vessels. It modulates immune factors that help the natural process of functioning of the venous vessels.

Recommended intake:

4-6 weeks. 1 capsule twice a day after a meal.

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The company offers natural products with controlled and guaranteed quality. The aim of the team is to continue to present innovative solutions on market and to develop its portfolio in order to meet the ever-increasing requirements of the customers while preserving the traditional quality. Our goal is to contribute to raising peoples' attention about avoiding health problems using natural extracts without side effects. Fortex Nutraceuticals has its own manufacturing and research base.
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