Sagami Original 0.02 -2 pcs

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Sagami Original Condom 2 pcs

Sagami Original 0.02 are Japanese condoms with a thickness of only 0.02 mm (20 microns). They are thinner than a human hair (its average thickness is about 60 microns). The manufacturing company Sagami Rubber Corp. has in its portfolio even thinner condoms – Sagami Original 0.01, which will be available on the Bulgarian market from October 2022.


width – 58 mm +- 2 mm
length – 190 mm +- 10 mm
lubricant – silicone oil
transparent condom with reservoir
What is Polyurethane?

It is an elastic polymer that is flexible, strong and extremely durable. This material is used in medicine (in the production of “artificial heart”, and various types of catheters), sports (suits for swimmers and divers) and the cosmetic industry (baby diapers).

Our goal is to offer our users a high-quality and luxurious alternative to existing condoms.

Sagami’s higher price, compared to regular latex condoms, however, hides a really high-end product! It is thin, durable, odorless and non-allergenic.

The condoms are packed in a luxurious package of plastic blisters, so unpacking is very convenient, fast, safe and hygienic!

Millions of customers around the world have used Sagami condoms, after which they usually remain loyal fans of the brand!


What sets Sagami Original 0.02 apart from other condoms?


Thinness Sagami Original 0.02 are some of the thinnest condoms in the world. They are 3 times thinner than regular latex condoms.


Sagami Original

Sagami Original
Sagami Original