Samora Salz x250ml is a massage tincture with Samora salt and sweet cherry extract. Created according to an original recipe, it contains all-natural raw materials of the best quality. Source of minerals and trace elements.

It helps with chronic neck, back, shoulder and arm pain caused by incorrect posture, changes in the spine and immobility!

An excellent choice for people whose professions involve prolonged sitting at a desk and working with a computer or other activities, the daily practice of which leads to unfavorable changes in posture, pain and discomfort!


It can be used to massage the head, chest and abdomen.
Relieves migraine pain, suppresses the feeling of stress.
Reduces muscle cramps.
Releases tension and blockage in problem areas – neck, shoulders and back.
Relieves joint pain.
Reduces leg fatigue.
Improves blood circulation in the treated areas.
When applied in the evening – thanks to its relaxing effect, it can help speed up falling asleep and maintain restful sleep at night.


water, alcohol, sodium chloride, sweet cherry extract (fruit).

Contains 40% alcohol by volume.

Samora Salz x250ml Dosage:

It is applied directly to the skin of the body through massaging movements.



Bärbel Drexel