Scaler Platinum Water 250ml

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Scaler Platinum Water 250 ml


Scaler Platinum is produced by the same procedure as Scaler Silver and Scaler Gold (the size of the platinum particles is 0,062 nm).



Platinum is used in certain cancer diseases – primary or metastatic tumors of  testicles, ovaries and bladder. It is the main ingredient in some cytostatic drugs and inhibits DNA synthesis of tumor cells (through the formation of intrachain cross-links). Recent developments in the application of platinum are from prof. Peter Sadler, University of Warwik, Coventry, UK, prof. Stephen Lippard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Massachusetts, USA and assoc. prof. Nadejda Bokach,  St. Petersburg, Russia.






Most often, platinum is used in:



Different cancer diseases with or without metastasis



– Various viral, bacterial and fungal infections



– Nerve damage (diabetic or alcoholic polyneuropathy)



– Chronic weakness, insomnia and lack of concentration



– Damage to cells to restore proper cell division






Recommended daily dose:


adults – 2 times 1-2 tablespoons

children – 1 teaspoon




Package: 250 ml