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Scaler Silver Water 10ml


Scaler Silver Water 10ml

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Silver in life and medicine

Silver is a precious metal, white and with beautiful metallic shine. Since ancient times people have made vessels and silver jewelry. Omir described silver armor,  Avicenna used silver in various therapies (he first gave a description of “argyria” - a condition that occurs when people take high doses of silver).

In 1881, the German gynecologist Carl Crede recommended the use of 1% silver nitrate drops for prevention of gonorrhea conjunctivitis in neonates. Now this method is known worldwide as the "prevention of Crede."

In recent years, silver enters more widely in different areas of our life. We have made silver washers and refrigerators, silver-plated toilet seats and mattresses, clothes with silver threads, dressings with silver, and others. Various airlines and NASA used silver filters for water purification. There are special urological and cardiac catheters with silver.


What is Scaler Silver?

Scaler Silver is a unique product (not colloidal silver), which contains distilled water (with high purity) and extremely small silver particles (with a purity of 99.99% or higher and a size 0,062 nm). It is produced in California, USA. By electrolysis and high frequency electromagnetic pulse it is transmitted information from the silver molecules on water. Thus, each water molecule carries in his memory "charge" of silver. Sealing water information acquires new properties. Moreover, its chemical composition remains the same. In the past it was believed that it is important what is the chemical composition of water. The new view is that this is not true! The structure of the water is very important! Water molecules are combined into groups which are called clusters. Scientists suggest that these clusters are carriers of water memory!

Definition of Scaler Silver gave the famous American physicist Robert C. Beck, who is considered the founder of modern electromedicine. It sounds like this: "When silver is subjected to such treatment, it loses its identity as a trace element that can no longer be identified as separate particles, and acts more like a gas. "

Due to this condition, the silver in the Scaler Silver has a very high penetration into cells, up to 100% (as opposed to colloidal silver, where it is up to 7%)!

There are many benefits and advantages of Scaler Silver, without any side effects!

It is important to note that almost all microorganisms livе in an acidic medium (pH 1 to 6.9). The most common reasons for the increased acidity are: stress, acidic foods (coffee, alcohol, bread, rice, medicines, beef, fish, chicken, sugar, gluten, etc.) аnd environmental toxins.

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