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Promote sleep


Sedivitax drops is a formulation studied to promote sleep and to improve its quality.

The product can be taken during the day as well, to help relieve tensions and promote relaxation.

This double action is important, because physiological sleep is possible when our body can maintain a balanced state of tranquility during the day, which means we will be ready for night sleep when evening comes.

Several factors related to everyday activities create stressful conditions, resulting in a state of enhanced vigilance of our bodies; this may interfere with the normal process of falling asleep and sleep maintenance.

The action of Sedivitax drops is provided by the synergic association of valerian, lemon balm and escholchsia lyophilized extracts, and, in particular, by the patented Passiflò 2-LMF complex (patent no. 0787496), obtained through the combination of two extraction fractions with high flavonoid contents, which enhance the relaxing and sleep-inducing properties passiflora is well known for.



The recommended dose is:

- From 1.5 to 3 ml in the evening to improve sleep onset and quality;

- From 0.5 to 1 ml in the morning, if needed, to relieve everyday tension and promote relaxation.

The product must be diluted in a small amount of water. Start with the minimum recommended dose and increase it if needed, as the action of the supplement may vary according to individual sensitivity.

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