Sensitivity SOS Balm

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SENSITIVITY is specifically designed by Bergman Clinics Beauty skin care after CO2 laser therapy. Sensitivity, also called SOS balm, offers a solution for very sensitive skin with dry areas. Furthermore, sensitivity unusually gentle and refreshing after sunbathing, burns, abrasions or dry areas of the body. Soothes allergic reactions, eczema and psoriasis. The skin is quickly restored to the required level, thanks to intensive treating, moisturizing and softening effect.

How to use:

After gentle cleansing of skin abrasions or ozhulzhaniya, burning or dry areas, apply Sensitivity of the whole person obrinatite areas (affected areas)
In overexposure to sun, strengthens wounds, burns, insect bites, cuts.
After surgery: (CO2 laser) clean once a day with cooled, boiled water on gauze, apply Sensitivity every two hours. After 2-3 weeks replace balm cream Laser Repair until the skin is ready for the usual day and night creams.