Sensylia 24hrs moisturising fortifying cream


sensylia 24hrs moisturising fortifying cream

sensylia 24hrs moisturising fortifying cream

Sensylia 24hrs moisturising fortifying cream – Isis Pharma


The innovative cream formula provides 24 hours SENSYLIA dehydrated and damaged skin hydration for 24 hours. Cream for 24 hours moisturizing for sensitive and dry skin, acting soothing the skin. Restores total skin comfort.  Creamy texture perfectly adapted to normal to dry skin. Provides an immediate feeling of freshness.



This special use moisturizer every morning. SENSYLIA is ideal as a base under makeup or other treating cream. 

SENSYLIA produces an intense feeling of instant freshness and hydration. The skin remains hydrated 24 hours.

The product has been clinically tested and manufactured by Isis Pharma France.

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Weight 40 kg


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