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Sex Capsules


Sex Capsules

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Sex Capsules 

Be Number One 

What is Kamagra?

Kamagra is created especially for men. It has beneficial effect in 

controlling premature ejaculation and maintaining long lasting 


What does Kamagra contain?

Four of the most powerful natural products connected to the sexual 

dysfunction in men. Each capsule of Kamagra contains standardized 

extracts of: 

ƒ L-agrinin 250 mg 

ƒ Ginseng root 150 mg 

ƒ Tribulus terrestris 150 mg 

ƒ Yohimbe 50 mg 

How does Kamagra work?

The ingredients have synergetic  effect in controlling premature 

ejaculation, achieving and maintaining erection. 


It helps the formation of nitrogen oxide and protein synthesis. 

Nitrogen oxide dilates blood vessels of male genital organ which 

leads to blood filling and erection. It has a stimulating effect on the 

spermatogenesis – increases the number and motility of 

spermatozoids. It increases physical stamina. 


It is proven that it increases libido, the frequency of sexual contacts 

and erection quality. It has beneficial effect in men with sexual 

disorders from vascular & psychogenic origin and in diabetes. 

Restores neuro-mediators and affects vascular receptors. It leads to 

better and longer erection. 

Ginseng root

It reinforces the nitrogen oxide effect, increases physical stamina, 

eliminates tiredness and physical exhaustion. It removes anxiety 

and helps to overcome the premature ejaculation. 

Tribulus terrestris

Non- hormonal extract with androgenic effect. It increases male sex 

hormone (testosterone) level.  Restores libido, improves and 

prolongs erection. Increases the number and mobility of 

spermatozoids. It has a known anabolic effect. 

When to use Kamagra? 

Кamagra is created and meant especially for men. It exerts positive 

effect in the following conditions: 


• control of premature ejaculation 

• achieving and maintaining erection 

• increase of sexual ability and libido 

• improvement of physical and mental power 

• increase of number and mobility of spermatozoids


How to take Kamagra? 

One capsule 2-3 times daily after  meal till control of premature 

ejaculation is achieved and obtaining the desired sexual stamina 

and power. 

Are there any side effects? 

Kamagra contains natural ingredients and is safe. It has a 

scientifically proven effect and safety profile. 

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