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AKNICARE SR skin roller 5 ml From Synchroline.

Drysyst Technology

Synchroline Aknicare SR roller intended for the treatment of lesions

– skin injuries caused by acne. Aknicare roller inhibits the formation of dark spots, which often occur after active lesions begin to pass. The roller is also used to treat folliculitis.

Alcoholic solution specifically designed for contrasting the formation and enhancing the rapid disappearance of isolated and localised acneic lesions.

When its use is adviced
It may be used for inhibiting the formation of consequent localised hyperpigmented areas that typically appear in the remissive stage of acne lesions. It is also useful at contrasting the formation and diminishing the presence of furuncles.

Mode of application
Apply the product on clean dry skin, directly on the existent or developing papules or pustules, using the practical ball applicator (roller). Apply several times during the day every two to three hours, unless otherwise recommended by the doctor or pharmacist.

Active ingredients
Triethyl citrate, ethyl linoleate, salicylic acid (0,5%).

Manufacturer – General Topics S.r.l., Italy SYNCHROLINE.




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