STAMATIN KIDS SYRUP WITH PEAR FLAVOR x100ml is a specially developed natural product to support the immunity of children over one year, containing beta glucan from the mushroom and Rakitnik herb extract. Beta glucan has been the subject of a number of clinical trials. It has been found to contribute to the activity of immune cells during stressful situations for the body. Supports the local protective forces of the mucous membranes. The herb Rakitnik is well known for its antioxidant properties, supports immunity, supports the functions of the cardiovascular and digestive systems and has a beneficial effect on the good condition of the skin.

The syrup form is convenient to take, and the taste of the pear makes STAMATIN KIDS pleasant to consume even by small children. 100 ml of STAMATIN KIDS syrup contains a concentrate of nearly 1 kg. fruits, the product does not contain preservatives or colors.

Pear concentrate 3.94 g *
Apple concentrate 2.37 g *
Sponge mushroom 0.25 g *
Dried juice of sea buckthorn powder 0.20 g *
Ingredients in 100 ml: 100% natural pear concentrate 78.7 g, 100% natural apple concentrate 47.3 g, 100% mushroom powder (Pleurotus ostreatus) powder 5 g, dried juice of sea buckthorn herb (Hippophae rhamnoides) 4 g.
RCP – reference quantities for intake
** Unspecified reference intake amounts


For children from 1 to 3 years old:
5 ml once daily before meals for 1-3 months.

For adults and children over 3 years:
5 ml twice daily before meals for 1-3 months.

It can be taken undiluted or with water or yogurt.


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