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Synchroline Aknicare Cream 50 ml


Synchroline Aknicare Cream

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Synchroline Aknicare Cream 50 ml oily skin and acne from Synchroline.

Synchroline Aknicare is a cream

designed to treat early and more advanced stages of acne and seborrhea. Oily and acne-prone skin can really be a problem, especially when combined with dirty air!

Acne treatment

Aknicare Cleanser exfoliates and reduces bacterial levels, deeply cleaning the skin, removing debris and surface oil, unblocking pores and preparing the skin for Aknicare Lotion and Aknicare Cream.

If you have younger or more delicate skin which does not require exfoliation, then you should consider the Aknicare Remover.

"Aknicare is the only product that meets the four criteria needed for the ideal acne product and also in view of concerns about antibiotic drug resistance, this product is a welcome new addition to anti-acne treatments" Dr Tony Chu, Consultant Dermatologist, Hammersmith Hospital, London President of the UK Acne charity, and lecturer at Imperial College. Dr Chu recently completed his double blind clinical trial on AKNICARE and found oil production slowed by up to 68%, existing spots healed in days and there were less new spots within two weeks so working faster than prescription products.

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Weight 50 kg


Buy Synchroline Skin Care Products Online

Buy Synchroline Skincare Products Online 

Synchroline is an Italian skincare product that has been advanced with the usage of the most effective and functional ingredients to repair and rejuvenate the healthy youthfulness of the skin. Company research and development has endured and all merchandise produced is clinically tested. Synchroline Facial Skin Care offers a unique line of merchandise that facilitates treatment (inclusive of before and after treatments) for a number of distinctive pathological and non-pathological conditions. Synchroline Aknicare product is certainly considered one among many product strains created to work with conventional scientific treatments.  The products are designed to be suitable for all skin sorts and to deal with acne and acne-related problems. Synchroline Aknicare Cleansing Solution is a purifying cleansing gel for acne-prone and seborrheic skin that eliminates extra sebum and has a nice mattifying effect. Indicated for subjects with mature skin, in overdue formative years, and withinside the post-adolescent period. If you buy Aknicare cleanser online, it's going to show you the effective consequences and only leave you with refreshing and hydrating skin.
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