Teen Derm K Anti-imperfections cream

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Teen Derm K for Oily and Acne Skin.

Isis Pharma is a product for removing skin imperfections and black spots. Also stains spots on the skin. There are active ingredients, regulating sebum, clamping, cleansing and soothing. Vivid results with clean and fresh skin with matte finish.

Teen Derm K with its active formulations that tighten the skin exfoliate, moisturize, have an antibacterial action and soothe the skin.

Мild and moderate acne.

Application method:

Teen Derm K  Apply morning and evening on the skin, which was previously cleaned with Teen Derm Gel.


Avocuta  (patented formula clinically proven to treat acne), Tamyanovo tree – Boswellia Serrata  (anti-inflammatory), vitamin E (powerful antioxidant), Zinc (with bactericidal action), Salicylic acid.


Packing: 30ml .

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IsisPharma French cosmetics for complete care of skin imperfections, preserving and restoring the natural balance of your skin.

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