Teen Derm mask


Teen Derm mask

TEEN DERM – cleansing mask containing kaolin, Aloa vera, zinc, vitamin E and Boswelovych acids, suitable for all skin types, has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory antioxidant, regulates seborrhoea and does not dry skin.

Acne, oily skin

Acne vulgaris is a chronic inflammatory disease of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles, the main cause of the disease is excess sebum stimulated by hormones (androgens), excessive keratinisation of skin cells, infection and inflammation, acne usually appear in early puberty, and for those with oily skin significantly , the basis of acne treatments are applied from inside the drug-containing antibiotics (antibacterial activity), or keratolytic action and komedolytickým (prevent excessive skin keratinisation have olupujúci effect and prevent clogging of sebaceous glands), more convenient and more effective than treatment for acne, but prevent this disease, daily care and hygiene specific skin with tendency to acne,

Modern dermato-cosmetics TEEN DERM intended for treatment of oily skin and acne are more effective not only for prevention but also for the treatment of mild forms of acne, contain active substances that regulate sebum production and prevent excessive keratinisation of skin and release the clogged sebaceous glands leads ,

TEEN DERM Program includes products that enable perfect and simultaneously gentle daily cleansing oily skin preparations TEEN DERM accelerate the disappearance of acne and prevent re-creation,

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