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Teosyal Advanced Filler – Normal to Combination


Teosyal Advanced Filler – Normal to Combination

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Teosyal Advanced Filler Normal to Combination Skin 
An airless pump bottle 50mls
Advanced Filler is an anti-wrinkle, anti-ageing skincare treatment which protects cell DNA. Its anti-wrinkle action significantly reduces the depth of wrinkles.

This unique treatment, inspired by dermatological procedures (immediate resurfacing effect + filling action), has an exclusive combination of innovative active which target lines and wrinkles.
An exclusive combination of innovative active agents

• Hyaluronic acid microspheres of high and low molecular weight coexist to provide dual action:
- hydration: the molecules of high molecular weight (> 1,500kDa) form moisturising film on the surface of the skin
- filling: the dehydrated molecules of low molecular weight (400kDa 600kDa) enter the upper levels of the epidermis, filling and hydrating the The effectiveness of the injections is optimised as they spread.

• Matrikines, which are biopeptides, have a powerful anti-wrinkling effect. They stimulate the neosynthesis of collagen, fibronectin and hyaluronic acid.

• Argireline® acts on superficial wrinkles (forehead lines, crows feet) caused by muscular contractions.

• Vitamin C, encapsulated to preserve all its antioxidant properties, protects cells' lipid structure and maintains hyaluronic acid integrity.
Directions for use:
 Apply Advanced Filler skincare morning and evening on perfectly clean, dry skin. The airless bottle
preserves the intrinsic qualities of the formula and ensures perfect Advanced Filler is designed for daily use and can also be used between two injection sessions.
Its soft texture gives a pleasant, comfortable feeling.
Objective assessment of anti-wrinkle and hydration effectiveness using a panel of 20 volunteers (women aged 45 – 70 with dry to very dry skin) by means of biometrological measurements taken on D0 and D42. The product was applied morning and evening.
• Wrinkle depth decreases by as much as 52%
• Wrinkle volume decreases by as much as 56%
• The skin's lipid barrier is intensely renewed and its smooth complexion restored
• In less than 10 days, the skin begins its restructuring process at the dermal-epidermal junction
• Right from day one, the cells are protected from free radicals, the molecules responsible for skin ageing.
The skin is plumped, firmed up and moisturised.
Wrinkles which have been injected previously remain filled for longer.
1 - Tests conducted in France on 40 volunteers aged between 45 and 70 for 42 days

2 - Ex vivo tests, the model closest to human skin

3 - Hydrates the upper layers of the skin

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