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TOTAL MEN is a recommended by Colway International food supplement that takes care of man’s body. It is a blend of organic highly-bioavailable vitamins and minerals which ideally complement a daily diet. We have combined carefully selected plant extracts used for the first time in one product.


Total Men contains vitamins B – B1, B2, B6, B12, folic acid, biotin, pantothenic acid, and fat soluble vitamins. The supplement is a source of minerals: iron, iodine, zinc, copper, manganese and chromium which will invigorate you and enhance your well-being. 

Additionally, the product contains coenzyme Q10. The human body produces it naturally, but it decreases with age. A stressful lifestyle also leads to its deficiency. It mainly occurs in liver, heart, kidneys and pancreas mitochondria – organelles found in cells, in which the biochemical processes of energy production take place. This energy is required for all life functions in human body.


Total Men is enhanced with ginseng which has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries. It is widely known for its various health benefits. It improves stamina and stimulates the body’s physical and mental activity. It also helps sexual well-being by elevating erectile function. It boosts vitality and fights fatigue. It helps to overcome stress and the feeling of energy depletion. 

Total Men contains maca, a plant that grows in the Andes, where it is widely used to maintain general body health and prepare it to survive extreme conditions. Maca also improves fertility, sexual function, and contains protein that is easy to assimilate.  

The supplement is enhanced by saw palmetto which takes care of urinary system, whereas resveratrol supports circulatory system and proper blood pressure. 


Total Men complex improves the general condition of a male body in terms of physical, mental, and sexual well-being. 




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