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Under eye cream 15 ml


Under eye cream 15 ml

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Himalaya Under Eye Cream is for naturally beautiful eyes. It prevents the formation of under eye dark circles. It contains proven & safe blend of herbs specially created to care for the delicate area around your eyes. It prevents  the formation of under eye dark circles.

Dark circles are formed because the skin below our eyes is thin and is not as well endowed with oil glands as the rest of the body. Consequently, as we age, the skin gets dry and wrinkled. Dark circles result when the veins in the lower eye area appear more prominent. Besides, lack of sleep, nutritional deficiency, aging, sun burn can also lead to under eye dark circles.

Himalaya Under Eye Cream clears under eye circles, pigmentation and blemishes. It also brightens & smoothens the areas around your eyes.

Visible Results:

Reduces dark circles by 80% in just 4 weeks
Reduces under eye wrinkles & fine lines by 28% in just 4 weeks
Brightens & smoothens eye contour

Ingredients Include:

Cipadessa baccifera
Bergenia ligulata
Triticum vulgare
Gently massage into the delicate area beneath the eyes after through cleansing. Use twice daily.

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