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Uriage Roseliane Tinted Cream


Uriage Roseliane Tinted Cream

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Roséliane Tinted Creamhas been specially formulated to subtly mask widespread redness and facial blemishes, to complement the anti-redness action of ROSÉLIANE CREAM. Enriched with vasoprotective, softening active ingredients, with a silky, smooth, lightly powdered texture, it makes the skin feel exceptionally comfortable and gives very natural, perfect coverage. 

Your complexion will be radiant and perfectly uniform, all day long. 


Protects microcirculation.

Wonderful texture: silky, smooth and comfortable.

Subtly covers redness.

Radiant, uniform, natural complexion.

Choice between 2 colours.

Long lasting foundation.

Instructions for use

Apply locally to red patches or over the whole face, after applying Roséliane Tinted Cream.

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Weight 15 kg
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